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Popcar is a great alternative to owning a car. And as a Popcar member you can use our cars, as and when you need to and only pay for what you use.  Smart move.


How it works

Pick the membership plan that works for you, register to become a member and in no time, you’ll be popping around.

Why it works

The exciting part of car sharing is that it makes sense and works on every level. It's better for you, better for your local community and better for the environment.

Why Popcar

Popcar is about changing from the convention (and costs) of owning a car, to a better, more sustainable way to get around. We’re on a mission to get more Australians to make the switch to sustainable transport.


Book online, via our app or by calling membership services.


Arrive at your vehicle and gain entry by using your Popcar Access card.

Start Using

Just like any other vehicle start the engine and you're away.

Extend your reservation

If the vehicle is available for a continued period and you would like to extend your reservation our app makes it very easy with the click of a button.


When you're finished, return your Popcar to its designated location where you picked it up from. No parking hassles anymore.


Payment for usage is simply applied to the credit card attached to your account when your booking is completed.

We want to redefine the way Australia moves around, to redefine what it is to take a Journey. As a member with Popcar, you'll get to be part of it.

Popcar is about:


Bring control and flexibility into the way you live. Use what you need, when you need it without traditional vehicle ownership constraints, financial burdens and environmental guilt.


Providing a modern, technologically advanced and stylish service system.

Being Delightful

Our pursuit is to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

Being Purposeful

Making things better than they are now.

Popcar is for you if you are:

  • Someone who wants to be in control
  • Wanting to maximise your financial resources. Car ownership is expensive, and by either investing a substantial sum into a depreciating asset or taking on a substantial debt, those are resources that you can't use in other parts of your life.
  • Wanting the flexibility of deciding how your journey takes place when you want it
  • Wanting to always make your journey in the latest vehicles on offer – not having to wait 5 years until your lease expires

With Popcar you retain all of the benefits and advantages of car ownership without any of the hassles:

  • Going to a dealership and trying to get a good deal on a car – GONE
  • Taking your car at 7 in the morning for its service and paying the bills – GONE
  • Worrying about what your car will be worth when you come to trade it in and worrying about that negotiation – GONE
  • Parking – finding a spot, getting a permit, paying for the permit – GONE
  • Registration and insurance – finding the best deals – GONE
  • Monthly finance repayments for owning your car – GONE
  • Paying for your car every minute you own it, not for the minutes you are actually using it – GONE

Your New Future with Popcar:

No finance payments, no debt,no commitment.

Servicing, cleaning, registration, insurance, maintenance – it's all taken care of for you, not by you.

Get to pay for what you usewhen you use it.

Not compromising by buying just one type of car, but rather having use of 8 different makes and models. A hatch when you want to move around the city, an SUV when you want more space and a sporty car when you're in the mood.


For each car sharing vehicle, depending on the study, at least 12 privately owned vehicles are removed from our roads. Fewer cars means less strain on infrastructure and less strain on environmental assets.


All the benefits of car ownership, without any of the constraints of car ownership.

With Traditional
car ownership
With Car Sharing An Advantage
using Car Sharing
Access to vehicle use Yes Yes Same
Access to 7+ different types of vehicles to suit your requirements No Yes Advantage
A new vehicle every 2-3 years No Yes Advantage
Being able to pay only for time spent using a car vs time spent owning a car No Yes Advantage
A parking spot being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Insurance being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Vehicle Servicing and maintenance being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Monthly finance repayments being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Depreciation risk being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
Purchase and trade in negotiation with a dealer being the responsibility of the driver Yes No Advantage
* a single vehicle purchased and owned typically for 7 years

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