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Give the Gift of Freedom.

You can change someone’s life with access to a range of cars whenever they need it. For only $250 your loved one can experience the freedom and flexibility of car ownership without the costs.

What does the Popcar Gift Membership Include?

The Gift Membership includes access to all Popcar cars and vans across Australia whenever they need them at our cheapest usage rates, starting at $5.50 per hour. The $250 membership package includes:

  • 12 months membership to the Often Plan (valued at $238)
  • No Joining Fee (valued at $10)
  • $50 driving credit to get them started
  • Gift Box and Gift Card

Plus you have the option of adding additional driving credit to really get your loved one moving with freedom and flexibility.

Why give the Gift of Popcar?

The Perfect Gift

Whether you're buying for your girlfriend or 20 something child it’s the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t own a car and would love the freedom of having access to different cars to run errands and get out of the city whenever they need to.


Freedom from costly car ownership expenses like maintenance, petrol and car finance. Access to a range of cars whenever needed. Your loved one will thank you for saving them from the burden of car ownership so they can save for the holiday … or the house.


Pay only for what they use by the hour or by the day. Access to a range of cars 24/7 by booking online or via the app. Your loved one will never have an excuse not to be on time again.

How to give the Gift of Popcar

To ensure your loved one is eligible to be a Popcar member please check the following

  • They live within 1km from a Popcar location. You can check the map here
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Hold a valid Australian driver’s license (P2 and above)
  • They have proof of address
  • A valid credit card or debit card (this is required for future payments, parking fines or infringements).

Add the Gift Membership to your cart. Have your credit card details ready and the name and address of the person receiving this awesome gift. You can choose where to send the gift. Your place or theirs. The Popcar Gift Membership will be sent through Australia Post. You have the option of adding express postage on checkout.

Be a hero and give the gift of freedom. Beware you’ll be covered with kisses and cuddles from your loved one.

Your loved one receiving the membership will then need to complete our application process and provide the following:

  • Gift Code included within the Gift Box
  • A selfie with their driver’s license (their address needs to match the one provided)
  • Their credit or debit card details for future payments.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Usage estimates are based on hourly rate and excludes km rate. For complete pricing details see https://popcar.com.au/pricing/.
  2. Recipient of the gift will need to pay a $1 joining fee when redeeming for credit or debit card authorisation. This charge will be refunded onto their credit card within 3 business days.
  3. Credit or debit card must be in members name
  4. Residential address on recipients licence must match the one on their Popcar application. If this does not match a proof of address document will be required, and approved by management.
  5. Popcar Australia have the right to decline any member application.
  6.  Licence must be valid for at least a month, and after your licence has expired you will be required to provide another photo of yourself holding the front and back of your licence to reactivate your account
  7. Licence must be P2 or Unrestricted
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